Evolution RAGE® Multi-Purpose Circular Saw Blade 210 x 25.4mm x 24T

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The Evolution RAGE® Multipurpose Saw Blade is specifically designed for Evolution RAGE® saws. Made from premium materials in Japan. Ideal for the construction professional and for daily use on a construction site. Designed to cut mild steel*, aluminium, plastics and wood, even wood containing embedded nails, with a single blade.

Perfect for cutting hard and softwood, decking, laminate flooring, mild steel angle, Unistrut® and conduit, plywood, MDF, aluminium checker plate, plastic pipes and sheet, plus many other materials.

*Please refer to the blade marking for recommended cutting capacity on mild steel.

This Evolution RAGE® Multipurpose Saw Blade has the following specification:

Diameter: 210mm
Bore: 25.4mm
Teeth: 24
Kerf: 1.7mm
Max. Speed: 4,000/rpm