L/HEINSP300 Elite Power Inspection Light 300 lumen

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Lighthouse Elite Inspection Torch

The Lighthouse Elite compact inspection light features a super-bright line COB
LED that provides a powerful 300 lumens floodlight which is ideal for inspection
work and general illumination. The lamp offers three output modes of 300, 100
lumens and a flashing Red light function, a magnetic base allows the light to be
attached to metal surfaces for hands free use. These great features make this
an ideal choice for inspection engineers, mechanics, plumbers, and for use
anywhere where access may be restricted. It’s compact size allows it to fit neatly
in to a toolbox, glove box or drawer. Depending on the output mode selected
the lamp will provide different time periods of illumination: 300 lumens: 4
Hours, 100 lumens: 9 Hours Flashing: 20 Hours. Power: 3 x AA batteries

Part No L/HEINSP300